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常见问题解答(Frequently Asked Questions)

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1. How to apply for a borrowing certificate? 

You can borrow books from the library by using the campus card.



2. What is the password when using a card to borrow books? 

The password for the campus card is for readers to use the remote access system, mobile library, and Opac system to inquire aboutindividual information,borrowing situation,history information and for readers to renew books. The initial password for the campus card to borrow books is the eight digits of birth dates. 





温馨提示:密码修改后,OPAC系统和移动图书馆可以立即生效,远程访问系统需要联系网络部:3985191  武老师 进行修改。

3.Regarding the modification of the campus card password?  

a.Log in to the library website and modify it by yourself as prompted 

b. Go to the library lobby and modify it by yourself through the public retrieval systemc.

c. You can bring your campus card and student ID to the library desk to find a teacher to modify  

Tips: After the password has been changed, the OPAC system and mobile library can take effect immediately. The remote access system needs to contact with the network department: 3895191 Teacher Wu to modify. 



4. Can I borrow books from someone else's  campus card? 

No! In order to protect the readers' own interests, the campus card is restricted to the readers only to borrow books and Internet access. If the act of borrowing and fraudulent use of other people's cards is found, the documents will be detained and the borrowing authority will be suspended for three months.



5. Number of books and period of borrowing? 

Undergraduate students can borrow up to 10 books,faculty members and graduate students can borrow up to 15 books.The initial loan period for all readers is 60 days,and you can renew once after expiry.The due date of the renewed book is 30 days from the date of renewal.



6.What should I do if the library books found by the library OPAC are not found in the library?

Please confirm whether the "Detailed Status" of the item is "Book on loan". If you have any questions, please contact the management of the reading room directly.


出现上述情况,请找值班老师咨询解决。  咨询电话:0351-3985284、0351-3985192。

7. What should I do if I find that the borrowing records do not match the actual situation, or the returned books are still in my account?

Please consult the teacher on duty to solve the above situation.Telephone consultation: 0351-3985284、0351-3985192.







8.How to renew books? 

There are four methods, choose one of them. Log in to the library homepage and enter the "Public Search System" and click "My Library" to handle it; log in to the "Mobile Library" with your phone; scan the WeChat QR code for "Shanxi Medical University Library";On the" public retrieval machine "of the library. 


迎泽校区图书馆寒暑假每逢周二开馆,开放时间:上午8:30-11:30,下午2:30-5:30 ;


9. Can I borrow and return books during the winter and summer vacations?

The Yingze campus library opens on Tuesdays during the holidays,Open: 8:30-11:30am, 2:30-5:30pm. The Zhongdu campus library is closed on holidays.



10. What to do if the book expires?

An overdue book will be given a violation, the library card will stop borrowing for 15 days after a total of 30 violations. If you have a debit card with an overdue book, you cannot continue to borrow or renew it.



11. What about the book return date during the holidays? 

If the return period of the book borrowed by the reader is in the winter or summer vacation, it can be extended to the first week after the start of the school; If the return period is on a statutory holiday,  and the reader should return it immediately after the holiday end, otherwise, it will be handled as overdue. 



12. What should I do if I lose my books? 

You need to buy the same books as the lost book. If you can't buy the same books, then buy similar books to the lost books, but you need to buy three copies of the same. 



13. What are the procedures for leaving graduation or postponing graduation?

 After checking that there is no borrowed book in the card, make sure to stamp it.



14.  Frequently Asked Questions about RFID Self-Check-in Machine?

For usage, please refer to the illustration next to the self-service loan machine. If you encounter problems and cannot return the loan, please consult with the workbench teacher to help solve it.

15. 存包须知







15. Instructions for storing your package 

The library provides some lockers for your convenience, but please pay attention when using them:

1. In order to ensure the safety of personal belongings, please do not put valuables in the locker to avoid loss. 

2. Readers using lockers must use the locks provided by our library, and mortgage yourself valid documents (student ID, work permit, ID card) and remember the door number.Once you have been found that you use the locks you carry, they will be cleaned up and waited for dispose.

3. Flammable and explosive items shall not be stored in the locker. If the regulations are violated, the legal liability of the depositor will be investigated if the consequences are caused. 

4. Readers are requested to remove the stored items and return the locks before 22:00 every night. Our staff will open the cabinets every night to clean up. 

If any violation is found, the office of the library and the security personnel will open the cabinet to clean up the items. The owner needs to make a written review, signed by the grade director, and stamped by the department, then in next day with a certificate that can prove the owner's identity to the library office to collect items.



16. What are the functions of OPAC? How to use OPAC? 

Query borrowing status, renew borrowing, obtain book collection information, download CDs with books, obtain purchasing channels, new book notifications, search journals, borrowing rankings, etc. 




 17. Where can I self-study?

The self-study room of the Yingze campus library is located on the first and second floor of the south side of the library hall; the all reading areas of Zhongdu campus library is available for self-study.

Opening time of study room and reading area: Monday to Sunday 6:30-22:00.



18.How do I go online in the library? 

The library campus network wireless signal is fully covered, you need to register an account in the school network center, the network center consultation phone is 4135640. 



19.How to get help if you are not familiar with various database search methods? 

On the database resource list page of the library webpage, view the user guide next to the database name, you can use the guide to learn according to your own needs, or visit the page "Reader Services", "Training Lectures", "Online Classes" or "Freshman Training" Learn.



20. Who has permission to use the library's electronic resources?

The library's electronic resources are for academic, research, education, and personal use only by our staff and students. Except for network open resources (OA resources), most purchased resources use IP addresses to control access rights, that is, any computer in the campus network of Shanxi Medical University can access. 




21. Can the readers of our school be out of school or not the users of the campus network can access the library electronic resources?

If you use it outside school, please log in to the remote access system or mobile library to use electronic resources. The username and password are the same as the card number and password of the borrowing card.

But please note: login to the remote access system can only normally access the database resources officially purchased by the library. Because the trial resources are IP-controlled access rights, the trial resources can only be accessed within the campus network.





22. Why can some databases retrieve documents but can not be download full text?

Firstly, determine whether the retrieval computer is within the campus network. If you are not sure whether your network is a campus network, you need to consult with the school network center for 4135640. 

Second, check whether the retrieval database requires additional login. In addition to some databases that need to be used in the campus network environment, you need to enter the user name and password when logging in. For details, see the notes next to the database resource list.

Third, judge whether our library subscribes to the full text from the subject content and publication time. Different databases have different collection ranges of documents, and the backtracking time of the documents is also different. Some of the database resources are purchased only some of them. For example, although China HowNet Database includes many subject areas such as basic disciplines, engineering technology, agricultural science and technology, philosophy and humanities, our university has only purchased the medical, information and social sciences II package library. When using foreign language database resources, we must not only focus on the scope of resource collection, but also the retrospective years of the resources. Please refer to the note information next to the database list for the scope and date of the database resource. 


一方面可能是下载的全文文档不完整;另一方面可能是没有安装查看文档全文的相应阅读器。如:打开中国期刊网中的论文需要CAJViewer浏览器,打开万方数据库中的论文需要Adobe Acrobat Reader浏览器。

23. Why can't the full text of the downloaded article be opened? 

On the one hand, the downloaded full-text document may be incomplete; on the other hand, there may not be a corresponding reader installed to view the full-text document. For example, the CAJViewer browser is required to open the papers in China Journal Network, and the Adobe Acrobat Reader browser is required to open the papers in Wanfang Database. 



24. Why is there no link in the electronic resources of the library  website after using a database for some time? 

There are many trial databases in the "electronic resources" of the library website. The library has not yet purchased the use rights of these databases. Therefore, the trial page has a deadline for each database. Welcome to give us your opinion on a trial database. The reader's comments and suggestions are an important basis for our ordering database. In addition, we may also adjust the database that we have purchased and stop subscribing to the database with very low access. Please pay attention to the latest developments on the library homepage. Contact number: 4135186.


首先请先查询本馆的馆藏资源,电子资源请认真阅读“读者服务—文献传递—自助检索指南”,在本馆无收藏的情况下可以申请馆员文献传递服务。请下载填写文献传递申请表,填好之后发送到E-mail: sydxxzx@163.com,并拨打电话0351-4135186进行确认。具体详情请参见文献传递。本项服务只针对校内用户。

25.How do I get the full text? 

First of all, please check the library's collection resources. For electronic resources, please read the "Reader Service-Document Delivery-Self-help Search Guide" carefully. You can apply for a library delivery service if the library has no collection. Please download and fill in the document delivery application form, send it to E-mail: sydxxzx@163.com, and call 0351-4135186 to confirm. For details, please refer to the literature delivery . This service is only for school users.



26. What kind of lecture training does the library provide to readers, and where can I read the relevant notices? 

In order to improve the information quality of readers, the Library Information Consultation Department provides freshmen training every year, and provides graduate students with optional courses of the "Technical Novelty Search Full Practice Course". Regular one-hour lectures and special lectures are provided to provide readers of the school with Lectures and training. The training lecture information will be released through the webpage, WeChat, QQ, campus radio, and campus bulletin boards, so stay tuned.



27.How to download and use the mobile library?

 Mobile libraries can access library electronic resources using mobile phones, PADs and other mobile terminals outside the campus network, as well as query and renew borrowing. The download methods include: WeChat public account of Shanxi Medical University Library-a commonly used service mobile library client download; mainstream media search "Super Star Mobile Library" download APP; library web page mobile library scan code download. After downloading and installing, click the logo on the upper left corner of the client to log in and select the region Shanxi Medical University, and log in with your account password.



28.What is the password for the mobile library? 

The user name of the mobile library is the bar code number of the borrowing card. The initial password is the password of the borrowing card. Remember to complete your personal information after logging in. The initial password of the student's borrowing card is eight digits of birth, and the initial password of the teaching staff is 123456 or six digits after the barcode number. Please use it after logging in.



29. Can a mobile library  have multiple mobile phone numbers per household?

The mobile phone number cannot be defaulted in the improvement of user information, and must be filled in. It can only be an 11-digit mobile phone number, and each household has a mobile phone number.



30. Can the same account log in to different terminals at the same time?




31. Is the document delivery in the mobile library automatic or manual? What is the transfer speed? 

First, the alliance and the entire network will automatically match the delivery. If it is not found, then manually retrieve the delivery. Usually about 1 day, the difficulty takes 2-3 days. 



32.How to get e-books?

Three methods, one is to access the e-book database after the PC logs in to the library homepage. The second is to download mobile library APP for downloading and reading. The third is to use the “mobile e-book lending machine”to scan the code at the museum.



33. Which way to consult? 

For urgent questions, you can choose telephone consultation or face-to-face consultation. For general questions, you can choose QQ or e-mail. For specific response time, please refer to the relevant instructions in "Reader Service"-"Information Consulting".



34.Will all questions asked be answered? 

Please read "FAQ" before asking questions. If there is no question above, we will reply as soon as possible.




35. What if the phone and QQ do not respond in time? 

If we are out of work for meetings or lectures, you may not be able to respond immediately. Please send your questions to the e-mail address and we will reply as soon as possible. Special circumstances, please forgive me!

Other questions will be continuously added. If the answers you need are not included in the above questions, please get help through the "Information Consulting" function!